Sunday, January 25, 2009

My First Blog

Trust me when I write that I am lying to you right now. I've started several of these wastebins, and they were all aborted like a half-cast 1920's foetus. Or technically, foeti. There's a flock of my metaphorically terminated children in the blogosphere. I'm not a responsible blog-father. I blame my own virtual father who abandoned me for a career in the circus.

So, my goal here is to write out some of the material that won't cut it on stage. Not because I can't pull it off. Hell no. If there's anyone who could pull it off, it's The Bulman! But some of the material will lend itself better to the written word.

Material to come
-My first sexual experience
-Happy Birthday Baby Jesus
-Leo, my drunk father
-Obesity, it could get big around here!
-So you think you know heat!
-The Judges of Dinkum
-The Great Squeegie Wars of 2008
-Bad ideas, as an American i happen to be FULL of bad ideas
-The Post-Ordinary School of thought
-How our experiment went wrong from the start
-And others...

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