Sunday, February 8, 2009

With All of the Banks Going Bankrupt and Being Consolidated, Who Do I Avoid Paying Back?

In Mathematics, The United States currently ranks 25th when compared to a list of 30 developed countries who take part in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. To add insult to injury, we originally thought we were 7th, but upon review, it turns out that we forgot to "carry the 1" -on two different occasions - when tallying our rank. This mistake was quickly pointed out by children from Finland, China, Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia and, really, almost every other country involved in the study.

This bodes not well for our upcoming economics test in the United States. There is a very real danger that we lack the brain power to correct our wayward tendencies.

And, if you are anything like me, then you already have an unmanageable amount of "potential earnings" tied up in future student loan repayments. Like me, it may have already cost you your first born. Which leaves us in this very real predicament: in these trying economic times, we are all left with the one question, "How much will a white baby sell for these days, anyway?"

"Not much," is the answer supplied by children from Finland, China, Korea, Japan, Canada and Australia.

But there remains a glimmer of hope! When the same question was asked to children from the United States, they repeatedly gave a black-market value of "1 or 2 Gabillion dollars, each." And, while a "Gabillion" is not yet a number, or even a word, hope springs eternal in our some of our world's most powerful and stupid children.

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