Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Funny Glossary D

Dabble, daddy-longlegs, dado, daffodil, dag (dried dung on sheeps rear), daguerreotype (photograph on chemically treated silver), dainty, daintily, daiquiri, Dalai Lama, put a damper on, dandle (move a child on one’s knees), damsel, dandruff, dander, dangle, dangly, dapper, daredevil, dash, dastardly (wicked and cowardly), dasyure (small marsupial) data, datum, data capture, dative, date, de- , deacon, deadbeat, dead reconing (method of establishing one’s position using distance and direction travelled), dawdle, dazzle, debacle, debasement, debateable, debauch, debauchery, debonair, debrief, debunk, decagon, decahedron, Decalogue (10 Commandments), decanter, decapitate, decency, decibel, decimate, decoct (extract the essence of by boiling), decoction, decoder, decoration, decoy, decrease, decree, decrepit (weakened or worn out by age or long use, decry, deducible, deduct, default, defrock, deft, dekko, delectable, delectation, Delphi, delphinium, delude, deluge, de luxe, demented, demi, demise, demobilize, demote, den, denim, dental floss, dependency, deplete, depopulate, deport, desicrate, desiccate (remove water from), desperado, destroyer, detail, detect, detergent, deuterinium, devil, devote, diabolical, dibble (small hand tool used to make hole in ground for seeds), diarrhoea, dice with death, dicky, dickies, diction, dictum, diddle (swindle), didgeridoo, dig, digging, dug, digger, digit, digital, dignity, dike, dildo, dilettantism, dilettanti, dill, dilly, dimple, ding, ding dong, dinghy, dingo, dinkum, dinosaur, dipthong, dipper, diprotodont (marsupial), dipsomaniac, diptych, dirge, disarray, disavowel, disk, disciple, disco, discus, dish, dish up, dislodge, dismantle, dispatch, dispatch rider, disrobe, distaff side (female side of the family), distort, ditch, dither, ditto, ditty, divine, divining rod, divulse, dixie, dizzy, docket, dodder, doddery (moving unsteadily), dodecagon, dodecahedron, dodo, doff, dogfish, dojo, dollop, dolomite, dolphinarium, donga (steep sided gully created by soil erosion), donkey, donkey jacket, doodle, dorba (stupid, inept), doubly, double agent, double whammy, dove, doxology (short hymn of praise to God), drabber, discombobulate, defenestrate, doze, dragon, dragoon, drake, dram (small amount of strong alcoholic drink), drastic, dribble, droop, droopy, drizzle, dromedary (camel with a single hump), droplet, drone, drongo, dropsy, drubbing, druid, duck, duckling, ductile, dungong (whale like mammal of tropical waters), dugout, dumdum (soft nosed bullet that expands on impact and causes serious wounds), down in the dumps, dumpling, dunderhead (slow witted person), dungarees, dungeon, duodenum, dwarf, dwarfs, dwarves, dwell, dweller, dwindle, dynamite, dynamo

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Funny Glossary C

Cabbage, caber (tree trunk tossed in highland games), caboodle, cackle, caecum, cake, calliper, callow, camber, camcorder, camembert, camiknickers (woman’s undergarments consisting of kickers attached to a camisole), camp, campanology (the art of ringing bells), campanula (plant with blue flowers), canal, cancan, cancer, candela, candelabrum, candy, canker, cannibal, canny, canoe, canoodle, cantankerous, cantata, canteen, canter, canticle, cantilever, caper, captor, carat, carbuncle, carburettor, carcass, careen, cargo, caribou, cark (die), carnage, carnie, carotid, carouse (merry drinking party), carp, cartoon, caryatid (supporting column in the shape of a female figure), cashew, casserole, castle, castrate, casuistry (reasoning that is misleading or overly subtle), cathode rays, catnap, catacomb, cataclysm, catafalque (raised platform), catapult, caterpillar, cattle, Caucasian, caulk, cavity, cellophane, cellulose, centaur, centilitre, cephalopod, cervix, cesspit, chafe, chagrin, chakra, chalice, chalk, chambermaid, chamber pot, champ, chomp, chant, chap, chaplain, chapped, char, Charleston, chassis, chatter, cheap, cheapskate, cheddar, cheep, cheeseburger, cheesecake, cheetah, chestnut, chewy, chicken, chickpea, Chihuahua, chimney, chimneysweep, chimp, chimpanzee, china, chinchilla, Chinese, chip, chipmunk, chirp, chit, chitchat, chitterlings, chlorofluorocarbon, chockfull, chock, chop suey, chortle, chowder, chow mien, Christ, chromosome, chronometer (timepiece accurate in all conditions), chubby, chuck, chuckle, chuffed, chug, chummy, chukka, chump, chunk, chunky, chutney, CIA, cinnamon, circumcise, circumference, circumflex, circus, cirrhosis, cirrus, cistern, clack, clam, claim, clad, clammy, clammier, clammiest, clan, clang, clanger, clangour, clank, clap, claptrap, classic, classy, clatter, clavicle, cloven, climax, clench, clink, clinker, clitoris, clobber, clockwise, clog, counter clockwise, clog, clone, cloud, clown, cloven, cluck, clunk, clutch, clutter, coagulate, cob, cobble, cobra, cock, cockade (feather worn on a hat as a badge), cockeyed, coefficient, codger, coitus, coition (sex), coital, colander, coleslaw, collywobbles (nervousness), colony, colonize, colossus, combat trousers, comeuppance, comet, comical, commando, commode, commodious (roomy), commodity, communicable, commuter, compact, competitor, compile, complex, complicated, compos mentis (sane), compose, compost, compote, compound, compress, compute, concentric, conception, conch, conclave (secret meeting of cardinals to elect new pope), conclude, concoct, concoction, concrete, concubine, concupiscence (lust), concur, concussion, condom, confound, conducive, confabulation, confederate, confetti, conga, congeal, conjugal, conjugation, conjuror, conk, connubial, conquest, consonant, constable, constipation, contact, contender, contort, contortionist, contra, contraband, contraction, contradictory, contraption, contrary, contrariwise, contusion, conundrum, conurbation, convector, convivial, convolvulus (twinning plant with funnel shaped flowers), convulse, convulsion, coo, cookie, cooper, copper-bottomed, copulate, corpulent, corpuscle, correspondence, corroborate, corroborative, corset, cosmonaut, cosmic, costermonger (one who sells fruit and veg from a barrow), cotyledon (first leaf of a plant embryo), couch, cougar, counterattack, counterblast, counterpunch, coven (meeting of witches), covenant, covet, coward, coyote, crab apple, crabbed, crack, cracking, cracker, crackle, crackling, crafty, cranky, cravat (man’s scarf), crawfish, crayon, cream cheese, creep, give someone the creeps, cremate, crest, cretin, cribbage, creek, cricket, crinkle, cripple, crisp, croak, crocodile, crockery, crock, crocus, cromlech (circle of prehistoric standing stones), crop up, crosscheck, cross-eyed, crossword puzzle, crotchet, crotchety, crouton, crowbar, crown prince, crucible, crucify, crucifying, crucified, crucifixion, crumb, crumble, crummy, crumpet, crumple, crunch, crust, crustacean, cryogenics, crystals, cubic, cubbyhole, cubbing, cube, cuckold, cuckoo, cucumber, cuddle, cuddly, cudgel (short thick stick used as a weapon), culottes, culprit, cult, cultivated, cultured pearl, cumbersome, cumberbund, cumuli, cuneiform, cunning, cupping, cupola, curb, curd, curio, currios (rare unusual object, collectors item), curly, curmudgeon (bad tempered person), curtsy, cushy, cussed, custard, cuticle, cutlery, cut-throat, cyclotron

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Funny Glossary B

Babel, baboon, bacchanalia (wild drunken party or orgy), bacon, badger, baffle, balaclava, balderdash (stupid talk), ballyhoo (exaggerated fuss), baloney, bamboozle, banana, bandy, bane, banjo, banshee, barbarian, bark, barrow, bask, basset hound, bastard, baste, bathos (sudden ludicrous change in speech or writing from a serious subject to a trivial one), battle-axe, bauble, bazooka, beagle, beast, bedevil, beep, bellow, benediction, bequeath, berg, berserk, betrothed, bewilder, bibulous (addicted to alcohol), bigamy, bikini, bingo, bison, bizarre, blackbutt (australian eucolypt tree with hgard wood used for timber), blade, blarney, blizzard, blob, bloodsucker, blotto, blunder, blunt, blurt, bobbie (small ball of material), boffin (scientist or expert), boggle, boloney, bonanza (sudden good luck), bongo, bonk, bonsai, booby, booby trap, boogie, booth, boron, bosh (empty talk, nonsense), botulism (severe food poisoning), bourbon, bowdlerize (remove words regarded as indecent), bowel, bowl, bramble (prickly shrub that produces blackberries), brandish, bray (of a donkey, utter its loud harsh sound), brazen (bold), breeches (trousers just below the knees), breed, bridle (head gear for controlling a horse), brisket, broccoli, brontosaurus, Brussels sprout, buccaneer (pirate), buckle, bucket, buffalo, buffoon, bulimia, bumble, bumblebee, bumpkin, bumptious (offensively self assertive), bungle, bunion, bunkum (nonsense), bunyip (legendary monster in swamps and lakes), buoy, burble, burp, burrow, butter bean, butterfingers, buttermilk, buxom, buzzard

The Funny Glossary A

Abacus, abolone, ablative, abracadabra, accost, acrid (pungent, bitter), acuity, adenoids, adhesive, advance, aeronautics, afoot, agile, ahoy, akimbo, albino, alligator, alloy (mixture of two metals), almighty, almighty almond, alpaca (Peruvian llama), amalgamate (combine or unite), amanuensis (a person who writes from dictation), ambidextrous, ampersand, amuck, anaconda, angel, angina, ante, antibody, antiperspirint, antiquity, antler, aphorism (short, clever statement that expresses a general truth), aplom (calm self possessive) apoplexy (stroke), apricot, aqualung, arithmetic, assassin, assemble, astral, astrolabe (an old instrument used to measure planets), athwart, aurora, autosuggestion, avocado, awkward, award