Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Funny Glossary B

Babel, baboon, bacchanalia (wild drunken party or orgy), bacon, badger, baffle, balaclava, balderdash (stupid talk), ballyhoo (exaggerated fuss), baloney, bamboozle, banana, bandy, bane, banjo, banshee, barbarian, bark, barrow, bask, basset hound, bastard, baste, bathos (sudden ludicrous change in speech or writing from a serious subject to a trivial one), battle-axe, bauble, bazooka, beagle, beast, bedevil, beep, bellow, benediction, bequeath, berg, berserk, betrothed, bewilder, bibulous (addicted to alcohol), bigamy, bikini, bingo, bison, bizarre, blackbutt (australian eucolypt tree with hgard wood used for timber), blade, blarney, blizzard, blob, bloodsucker, blotto, blunder, blunt, blurt, bobbie (small ball of material), boffin (scientist or expert), boggle, boloney, bonanza (sudden good luck), bongo, bonk, bonsai, booby, booby trap, boogie, booth, boron, bosh (empty talk, nonsense), botulism (severe food poisoning), bourbon, bowdlerize (remove words regarded as indecent), bowel, bowl, bramble (prickly shrub that produces blackberries), brandish, bray (of a donkey, utter its loud harsh sound), brazen (bold), breeches (trousers just below the knees), breed, bridle (head gear for controlling a horse), brisket, broccoli, brontosaurus, Brussels sprout, buccaneer (pirate), buckle, bucket, buffalo, buffoon, bulimia, bumble, bumblebee, bumpkin, bumptious (offensively self assertive), bungle, bunion, bunkum (nonsense), bunyip (legendary monster in swamps and lakes), buoy, burble, burp, burrow, butter bean, butterfingers, buttermilk, buxom, buzzard

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