Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Funny Glossary A

Abacus, abolone, ablative, abracadabra, accost, acrid (pungent, bitter), acuity, adenoids, adhesive, advance, aeronautics, afoot, agile, ahoy, akimbo, albino, alligator, alloy (mixture of two metals), almighty, almighty almond, alpaca (Peruvian llama), amalgamate (combine or unite), amanuensis (a person who writes from dictation), ambidextrous, ampersand, amuck, anaconda, angel, angina, ante, antibody, antiperspirint, antiquity, antler, aphorism (short, clever statement that expresses a general truth), aplom (calm self possessive) apoplexy (stroke), apricot, aqualung, arithmetic, assassin, assemble, astral, astrolabe (an old instrument used to measure planets), athwart, aurora, autosuggestion, avocado, awkward, award

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