Monday, August 31, 2009

The Funny Glossary G

Gabby, gabbier, gabbiest, gabble, gadget, gaggle, galaxy, galoshes, gambit, gamer, gamma ray, gander, gangling, garbled, gargantuan, gargle, garner, garret, garrote (Spanish method of execution by strangling), gasket, gauche (socially awkward), gawp (stare stupidly), gazebo, gazette, gazillion, gazump (raise the price of house after verbally agreeing) gecko, Geiger counter, gelignite, genital, genitals, genuflect, gherkin, gibber, gibberish, giblets, giant, giggle, gimcrack (showy but cheap), gipsy, gist, gladiator, glisten, glitter, globule, globular, glockenspiel, glory, glorious, gloriously, glue-sniffing, gnarled, gnash, gnome, gobble, gobbledygook, goblin, goggle, goner, gorilla, gormless (stupid), grampus (dolphin like mammal), grandiloquent (using pompous language), graphology (study of handwriting), grapple, gremlin, griddle, griffin, grizzly, groggy, grumpy, gulp, gumboots, gumption (resourcefulness, courage), guppy, gurgle, Gurkha, guru, gusto, guzzle, gyroscope

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Funny Glossary F

Fahrenheit, fable, fabled, fabricate, fabulous, facetious, facility, facsimile, facts of life ( details of sex and life), factor, factotum (a person employed to do all sorts of work), fairy penguin, falconry, falconer, fandango (lively Spanish dance), fang, fantasia, farad (unit of electrical capacitance), farinaceous (containing starch or having a starchy texture), farrago (jumbled mixture of things), fart, fascinate, fascist, fast, faun, feast, feat, fecund, feral , ferret, ferreted, fetus, fetuses, fettle (state of health or spirits), fey (whimsically strange; having the ability to look into the future), fib, fickle, fiddle, fiddle sticks (expressing annoyance, disagreement), fidget, fierce, fifth column (group secretly helping the enemy), fillip (something that adds stimulation of enjoyment), filthiness, fin, finagle, finger, fingering, fission, fisticuffs, fizzle, flab, flabbergasted, flagon, flambe, flapjack, fleck, flick, flicker, flog, floozy, flounder, flummox, fluoride, fluvial, flux, folly, fondle, fontanel (membranous gaps between bones of a baby’s skull), footsie, fop, foreskin, forger, forked, fornicate, fortissimo, fortissimo, FORTRAN (programming language for math and science), fortress, fortuitous, fortune teller, fossick, foxhole, foxtrot, fracas, frangipani, frankfurter, frankincense, frazzle (exhausted state), freckle, French Letter (condom), fritter (piece of food fried in batter), frogman (underwater worker), frolicking, frolic, frolicked, frowzy, frump (dowdy, old fashioned woman), frumpy, fuchsia (ornamental shrub with hanging flowers), fuddle (cause to be intoxicated or confused), fuddy duddy ( old fashioned person), fulcrum, fundi (expert or boffin), furlong (unit of length equal to 220 yards), furlough (leave of absence), fusty (stale smelling)

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Funny Glossary E

earnest, earthen, earwig, ebony, echidna, eclectic, ectoplasm, effete (powerless), effigy (image or likeness of a person), Egyptology, ejaculate, electrolyte, elephant, elephantine, elf, elves, elfin, elision (omit from a spoken word), elixir, elk, elocution (speaking clearly in public), embezzle, embezzlement, embezzler, emporium, encumber (hinder or impede), enema, enfeeble, enigma, ensnare, entangle, entice, entropy (lack of organization), enumerate, epileptic, epistle, epitome, eponymous, equilateral, erotica, erroneous, ersatz (made in imitation), erudite (academic knowledge), erupt, escalope (thin sliced meat), escapades, Eskimo, Esperanto (universal artificial language), espionage, ether, ethnic, euphoria, eureka, evacuate, evict, evoke, exact, exalt, excavator, exhale, exhilarate, exhume, exile, existential, exodus, exorcise, exorcism, expand, expel, experimental, explore, extemporize, extinct, extrasensory, extrasensory perception, exult, eyrie (nest of an eagle)