Friday, June 1, 2012

On Chickens

On Chickens

By Matt Bulman

I overheard a conversation recently in a cafe, where a man said, “I don’t eat chicken in restaurants, because I’m not sure if they serve happy chicken, or sad chicken.”

I comprehend what the man was saying: the foods we eat today are part of moral choice, and he wants to be part of “The Good”.

But what he is also saying is that if there is a caged-chicken out there, suffering, completely miserable and being pecked at by the other chickens in crowded conditions, then let it live. Let it suffer, and let all the sad chickens suffer.

However, if there is a chicken out there on a farm, just flying around free and happy, kill it. Kill it and serve it to me on a plate. Because a happy chicken is a tasty chicken. And good people eat happy chickens. Delicious.

And you see this moral relativism in advertising by the chicken corporations, the big chicken conglomerates, chicken magnates. Those who deal in the trade of chickens and chicken products, which sometimes becomes chicken-like products. They now advertise: Hormone Free, grain fed, cage free chickens.

Or, put another way, “Our company is proud to say, we no longer torture chickens. We learned that lesson the hard way. We’re not feeding chicklets the remains of their dead parents, nor are we experimenting with untested science to see whether we can force chickens to grow faster in a cages that are too small for them. We even had one experiment go horribly wrong where the chickens were grown through razor edged cages that pre-filletted them. HA HA...Not any more. We are taking a stance. Chicken torture is no longer acceptable.”

“And today, we also only support cage making companies that come free from any chickens, or chicken products. Simply put, cages should not come with chickens in them. I for one am happy to pay a little more for a cage that is built with the morally right ideas in mind. So if you’re in need of a cage, the chicken-free cage company is the company of choice.”

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